Benefits of Owning Portable Ice Maker

Picture this, you are holding a party at your house and your expensive refrigerator does not have enough ice to meet your requirements and also it doesn’t produce ice instantly, plus you can’t just leave your own party and run to your neighbors asking for ice, just imagine, how embarrassing would that be?

This is where the portable ice maker comes into the picture; you don’t need to stuff up your freezer with ice trays in order to make sure that you have ice in abundance for every occasion, you only need to bring home a small sophisticated looking and quite trendy portable ice maker, that will solve all your problems related to your need of ice. It is so easy to use that you just need to pour in water and only wait for a couple of minutes to get ice, it produces ice in less than 15 minutes and the best part is you can carry it anywhere you want, be it a family picnic, road trip with a loved one or a camping trip with your friends as it doesn’t require a fixed line of water supply.

Advantages of buying a Portable Ice Maker:

A portable ice maker has a lot to offer, it’s easy to use functionality makes it simple for everyone to use it without any hassle. Any member of your house can use this machine to generate ice according to their need. It is so simple to use that even an 8 year old can use it.

It is an instant Ice maker and it shall not be used for storage of ice, this particular characteristic makes it an efficient machine, meaning it will only make ice when you want it to and you will want it to make ice, only when you need ice. Just pour water into it and wait for 6 to 15 minutes at max and you will have your fresh ice ready.

It is a small, light weight and very attractive portable machine that will only add up to the beauty of your kitchen or any other place in your house where you want to put it. Its modern day design and styling is done in such a way, that it will automatically acquire a place in your kitchen. it comes in different colors so you don’t need to worry about whether it will look good or not in the places where you plan to keep it.

Portable ice maker can produce a staggering amount of ice in a single day, which is 35 lbs (15kgs), I don’t think so you will ever run out of ice again. Another thing that makes it an absolute buy is the maintenance, all it requires you to do is to keep the filter clean and make sure you keep the reservoir filled with water, that’s all you need to do and the machine will work smoothly for ages without even a single hiccup.

Portable ice maker has remarkably brilliant characteristics, making it a must have incredible device with a large number of benefits. I do suggest you go through the reviews of the buyers to make sure, what all has been said is 100% true and this machine is a huge universal success.

Simple recipes for kids to make themselves

Kids love to cook and there are a lot of simple recipes for kids to make by themselves.

Learning this important skill early in life gives kids a sense of responsibility. It is a good idea to encourage these budding chefs to cook as it is pretty much more likely that they would eat what they cook and save you the trouble of running around to make them eat. For working couples it becomes all the easier if the kids can cook by themselves.

Here are a few easy recipes for kids to make by themselves. These recipes are perfect for older kids aged between five to eleven years to make for breakfast, after-school snacks, lunch and dinner.

Recipes For Kids
Recipes For Kids


If kids get to make their own breakfast you would have a lot of time on hand in the morning to catch up on important work. The easiest of breakfast recipes for kids to make would be grilled or non-grilled sandwich with lots of veggies, mini breakfast pizza, fruit salads, cereal or scrambled eggs. Kids of a younger age can make simple things like cereal and milk or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Lunch and snacks:

Kids can snack all day and it can be a major cause of worry to parents if the kids are snacking on junk food. Parents can introduce healthy snack recipes for kids to make for themselves. The simplest one here would be to make kabobs with cheese and fruit. Cheese can be cut with a cookie cutter in fun shapes and skewed on a stick with fruits. Other simple recipes for kids to make can be a whole wheat cereal with yogurt and strawberries, stuffed rolls or fruit yogurt smoothies. Kids, who love to bake, can try to bake a batch of oatmeal cookies or banana muffins.


Dinner is the time when the whole family is together. Allow your little ones to try their hands on these recipes and help in the kitchen to make a meal for the entire family. You would love to see how fulfilling it is for them.

Recipes kids can make for dinner includes soups and salad, grilled cheese sandwich, pasta with a mix of veggies of their liking or an omelet.

Last but not the least, here a few tips how you can make your kitchen friendly for these little ones to cook.

  1. Make sure they wear an apron
  2. Make sure they have practiced enough in handling the knife and other equipments in the kitchen
  3. A child should always be supervised in the kitchen, especially when cooking for the first time.
  4. Kids should bake only when they completely understand the working of the oven
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher handy

Above all it is very important for parents to keep their patience and constantly introduce new recipes for kids to make. Being able to turn out a perfect dish would instill a sense of accomplishment in these junior chefs that you as a parent would love.

Happy Cooking!